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Story Commissions OPEN by glaurung777 Story Commissions OPEN :iconglaurung777:glaurung777 6 0
Triple Threat
“Ladies and gentlefurs.” Some light cheers. “Fighting junkies.” The cheering got louder as did the sound of fists slamming against tables. “Tonight we have a special show prepped specially for you.” Some excited howls and even more cheers.
Sal, the anthro Flygon standing in the ring smirked lightly, seeing his audience so fired up. The casually dressed Pokémon gestured for them to hush up, which (of course) didn’t work.
“Introducing first from Inverness, Scotland, the last true changeling, Raven!”
The jet black changeling fluttered from the lockers towards the ring, greeted by cheers from the gathered furs. He flew up, perching on top of a turnbuckle before jumping off and standing in his corner, checking his bronze colored grappling gloves if they fit around his forehooves. His trunks were of the same color.
“Next, from Cloudsdale, Equestria, a weather team Pegasus, Thunderlane!”
A black coated Pegasus made his way
:iconglaurung777:glaurung777 1 3
Forest Encounter
He groaned and rolled onto his side, rubbing his head against the fairly cool and damp grass. Every cell in his body seemed to cry out in pain.
How did I get here? He thought, not daring to open his eyes yet. And while I’m on it, where the hell is ‘here’ anyway?
Slowly, stumbling a bit the dragon got onto his paws. He woobled in place, before opening his eyelids and almost immedietaly narrowing them to avoid the painful rays of sunshine that were coming from directly above him. He stretched his wings and folded them on his back.
He seemed to be standing in the middle of a forest, in many ways it was similar to the forests on Berk and yet it felt… different. Toothless couldn’t tell exactly what gave him that feeling, but he decided to forget about it, at least for now.
“Need to find something to drink, like right now.” He mumbled to himself, smacking his lips and tasting the nasty dryness in the back of his throat.
And with that thought in mind
:iconglaurung777:glaurung777 6 0
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Story Commissions OPEN
Are you looking for a story tailored specifically to your needs and simultaneously affordable?

Well look no further!

I write anything, from slice of life, typical character interaction to action scenes, wrestling, boxing, paw fetish stories, tickling, as well as vore, erotica, sex and more!

Contact me on here through notes, message me on my e-mail, or contact me on FA, Skype (john.nowak682) or Telegram (NyxTheWolf)
This is my FA page…

“Ladies and gentlefurs.” Some light cheers. “Fighting junkies.” The cheering got louder as did the sound of fists slamming against tables. “Tonight we have a special show prepped specially for you.” Some excited howls and even more cheers.

Sal, the anthro Flygon standing in the ring smirked lightly, seeing his audience so fired up. The casually dressed Pokémon gestured for them to hush up, which (of course) didn’t work.

“Introducing first from Inverness, Scotland, the last true changeling, Raven!”

The jet black changeling fluttered from the lockers towards the ring, greeted by cheers from the gathered furs. He flew up, perching on top of a turnbuckle before jumping off and standing in his corner, checking his bronze colored grappling gloves if they fit around his forehooves. His trunks were of the same color.

“Next, from Cloudsdale, Equestria, a weather team Pegasus, Thunderlane!”

A black coated Pegasus made his way down to the ring, a white and light blue mohawk on his head and an angry scowl on his muzzle as he stared at the changeling already inside the squared circle. The equine was sporting a pair dark blue trunks and grappling gloves, both with yellow lightning bolts adorning them. His wings were folded neatly on his back as he climbed the ropes, taking position in the corner opposite from Raven, still angrily staring at him. Raven just hissed in response, baring his fangs at the pony.

“And last but not least, from Sakhan, the real luchador Pokémon, Hawlucha!”

The flying-fighting type got the loudest ovation, as it appeared in the door to the lockers, arms spread out to the sides as Hawlucha stared down his two opponents, a serious expression on his face. He chose not to wear any gear for the fight, unlike the other competitors. He looked very confident as he took a running start, jumping up at the last second and flipping over the top rope, landing in a roll and standing back up in the middle of the ring taking a small bow to the audience before moving to stand in his own corner, now fully focused on the changeling and the Pegasus.


As soon as Sal climbed out of the ring and the bell went off Thunderlane immediately charged at Raven, paying zero mind to the Hawlucha. The changeling let out a hiss, hooves up, ready to grapple with the Pegasus, but the pony instead aimed a clothesline at him, hitting the bug across the chest and sending him crashing down to the mat with a thud.

The pony snorted and reached for the changeling’s mane roughly pulling him up and kneeing in the side of his muzzle, sending Raven right back down to the canvas, drooling and moaning. The Pegasus continued his vicious assault, stomping down on the fallen love stealer’s back , grinding his rear hoof into the bug’s spine, making him hiss out in pain, flailing under the equine.

“Heh, what now beast? Can’t get up?” Thunderlane smirked, lifting his hoof for another stomp. He suddenly felt something impacting hard with his upper back and back of the neck, making him neigh in surprise and fall forward, tripping over Raven’s frame and landing face first in the ropes.

Hawlucha drop kicked him from behind and was now grabbing his rear hooves to drag him off the changeling  and back to the center of the ring, landing a standing moonsault on the downed Pegasus, spiking his muzzle against the canvas.

Thunderlane groaned as he got rolled over by the bird and covered, feeling his rear hoof being hooked.

“One! Two!”

He managed to buck up just in time to avoid the three count, flopping onto his side and panting before he’d try to crawl away to safety and stand up.

With a grunt the luchador Pokémon skipped up to standing and turned around to follow after the Pegasus but instead felt a hoof dig into his gut, making him groan out in a wheeze and hunch over, right into a front headlock and a DDT that made the flying-fighting type’s face bounce off of the canvas hard, making Hawlucha squeak out and roll away, clutching his hurting beak.

Raven smirked down at the hurt bird, panting lightly and turning to focus on Thunderlane who managed to get to his hooves and was staring the changeling down.

“I’m not done with you yet.” The Pegasus threatened, his wings flaring some in anger.

“Bring it on glue factory.” Raven hissed out and moved to grapple with the equine, pushing him back and throwing elbows at the side of his muzzle.

Thunderlane snorted in pain, forced to stumble back, trying to regain some footing and push back but before he could do that he felt himself being lifted up into a bearhug, his limbs momentarily flailing and getting belly to belly suplexed down to the mat, Raven shifting to press down on top of him and hook his leg.

“One! Two!”

The changeling hissed in surprise as his rear hoof got grabbed and he was dragged off the pony. He growled and kicked at the Pokémon, nailing Hawlucha in the face, making him cry out in pain and fall back.

Raven turned back to face the Pegasus and was greeted with a hard kick from the downed pony, that sent the changeling straight to the mat on his back, snorting out and panting, drool running down the side of his muzzle.

He felt a weight being placed on top of him, and his leg being lifted. Thunderlane was going for a pin on him.


Not even a two count was made when the two Equestrians felt something slamming down on top of them, both crying out in pain, Raven suffering the worst of the damage.

While the two were busy with each other, Hawlucha climbed the ropes and jumped off them to land a splash across Thunderlane’s back.

The pony crawled off the changeling, rubbing at his aching back and whining quietly to himself, while Hawlucha climbed the top turnbuckle and landed a 360 splash on the still splayed Raven, nailing him hard, the changeling hissing out in agony and flailing under the bird Pokémon.

He was panting, feeling his leg being hooked once again but had enough sense to lift his fore hoof and clobber the luchador in the face with it, earning himself a pained squawk and the feeling of Hawlucha’s weight falling off him.

Raven groaned and grabbed at the ropes, using them for support as he got to his hooves, shaking some off the dizziness and grabbing at Hawlucha’s head, forcing him up into a headlock and snap suplexing him right back down.

Hawlucha arched up, grunting in pain and rolling around trying to rub out the stinging in his back, while Raven stalked Thunderlane who was leaning against the ropes and had his back turned to him.

He grabbed at the pony’s mane, bending him backwards and stuffing into a reverse front headlock, throwing some hooks for that exposed equine belly, making the Pegasus snort and neigh in pain, struggling weakly in the hold before getting dropped hard on Raven’s knee and shoved to the mat on his back. He stayed like that panting and not moving for now.

Raven heard something behind him and quickly turned around only to get a face full of Hawlucha crotch, as the bird sat on his shoulders spinning him around and sending flipping to the ground in a hurricanrana.

The changeling grunted out in pain as his back slammed against the canvas with a loud thud, stunned for long enough to have Hawlucha drag him back to standing. The love feeder panted and pushed at the Pokémon’s chest, throwing an uppercut for his beak.

Hawlucha squawked out in pain and anger, getting his face snapped up, misting the air with a cloud of drool. The Pokemon bit through the pain and throw a left hook, right hook combo for the changeling’s head, who had enough time to cover up, Hawlucha’s fists only hitting his forehooves.

With an angry growl Raven jumped forward, before Hawlucha had the chance to throw another punch and send a knee up into his gut, getting a satisfying groan from the Pokemon and feeling him hunch over.

Raven pushed him up against the turnbuckles in one of the corners and climbed the middle rope to get the height advantage as he started to clobber his face with hard right jabs.

Hawlucha yelped and tried to cover himself up weakly from the punches, some of them sneaking past his guard and slamming into his beak, leaving it battered and bruised, the bird Pokemon’s legs shaking, looking to ready to give in.

Suddenly the changeling felt a pair of hooves wrap around his middle, picking him off the rope and german suplexing him down on the canvas. Raven let out an agonized hiss, his upper back and head hitting the mat hard, leaving him in a daze, rear hooves falling over his head.

Thunderlane smirked proudly, panting but instead of focusing on the fallen changeling he chose to focus on his other opponent.

Hawlucha slumped down in the corner, panting and rubbing his throbbing beak, not seeing the imminent danger.

He looked up at the sound of heavy thumps coming his way before letting out a very undignified squawk as he got a face full of Pegasus bulge, the pony riding him in a bronco buster. The Pokemon groaned and tried to fight back but was still too weak after the damage he had taken so he was forced to wait out the humiliating move.

Thunderlane climbed off of him and grabbed at his legs dragging him out of the corner, before grabbing at the ropes and jumping to land a double knee drop on the fighting-flying type’s chest, earning himself another pained yelp, Hawlucha trying to roll to the side and tend to his sore torso.

Instead he was forced on his back again getting a pony hoof pressed up into his face, grinding down painfully, making Hawlucha grunt out and try to push at the hoof weakly.

“Heh, that all you got birdie? Thought you’d have a little more fire in you.” The black pony taunted, a cocky smirk on his snout as he put even more weight on the luchador’s head.

“Why won’t you pick on someone your own size, huh? You bigoted, pastel colored racist.”

Thunderlane got roughly tagged off Hawlucha, spun around, and greeted with a hard jab to the face that sent his head snapping back, a string of saliva mixed with blood shooting out of his mouth. He stumbled back a step snorting in surprise and pain before getting hit again, this time a left hook smashed into his temple, knocking him sideways and into the ropes. He pushed himself up and front hooves draped over the top rope, blinking owlishly at the two changelings fluttering in front of him.

Raven sent a flying drop kick, his wings giving him extra velocity to slam both of his rear hooves into the Pegasus’ face, almost caving it in with the amount of power behind the kick. It sent the pony carthwheeling over the ropes and out of the ring crashing down hard on the floor with an agonized whinny as he weakly rolled to his back, his chest heaving, drool and blood running down the side of his mouth.

The changeling didn’t stop there, sliding under the bottom rope to the outside. He grabbed at Thunderlane’s mohawk and dragged him up, the pony staggering, his legs wobbly.

The furs sitting in front of them quickly moved out of the way, not wanting to slow down the pace of the fight, enjoying themselves thoroughly at they looked on.

Raven hurled Thunderlane towards the bar, the pony tripping over his own hooves and running into it, grabbing at the edge with his hooves, still remaining upright but hunched over.

The love bug stalked the Pegasus, grabbing him by the head and forcing into a headlock, turning around and forcing the bent over pony to shuffle along.

He reached for the equine’s waistband, picking him up into a vertical suplex and planting him on the top of the bar, Thunderlane’s back hitting the hard wood with a jarring thud, letting out a loud snorting whinny, eyes rolling, nostrils flaring as he arched his back which felt it was on fire. He twitched and moaned, trying to soothe the flaring pain in his spine as the changeling grabs his mane again throwing an elbow down on the pony’s muzzle, a couple of times.

Thunderlane whined, not able to cover himself up anymore getting smashed in the face hard a couple of times, almost knocked to unconsciousness, sprawled out on the counter, his hindlegs kicking out weakly. Fortunately no glasses or bottles were set up on the bar or else the Pegasus would have his back full of it.

Raven panted lightly and climbed onto the wooden structure, stomping down on the black coated pony’s exposed gut, his hoof digging into it easily, making Thunderlane flail weakly, coughing and wheezing, his muzzle drenched with drool as it run down freely down his mouth now.

“Heh, not talking that much now, huh?” the shapeshifter smirked reaching for the pegasus’ forehooves and tugging him up though it felt more like he was trying to pick up a lifeless doll than an actual winged pony.

The equine fell against him, drooling and snorting weakly, his mane now disheveled, strands of it sticking out at all sorts of odd angles. He looked rather amusing, with his mouth hanging open, eyelids dropped halfway over his eyes.

Smirking confidently, Raven easily bent the pony over and picked him up into a powerbomb, walking over to the edge of the counter, a strangled huff escaping the changeling as he reared back and thrust him down, right into a nearby table.

With a loud neigh the pegasus went through the table, breaking it in half with his weight, dropping down hard to the floor, surrounded by pieces of broken wood. His body was splayed out lifelessly, his head hanging to the side. The only sign he was still alive was the rising and falling of his chest.

Raven, looking to add insult to injury, leapt off the counter, doing a flip in mid air and landing rump first on Thunderlane’s torso, only getting a weak moaning snort from him, the equine so out of it that his brain didn’t even seem to register pain anymore.

He crawled off the near comatose Thunderlane, getting back to his hooves and reaching under the pegasus’ forelegs dragging him back towards the ring where he would pin the annoying pony and win.

Raven was so focused on Thunderlane that he almost completely forgot there was a third fur in this match.



The changeling turned around sharply, already pushing the equine under the bottom rope and back into the ring, and got nailed in the muzzle with a pair of bird talons. He fell back, his back hitting the apron, the love bug hissing in pain, anger and surprise as he got his spine bent over the structure, sliding down to rest on his backside.

He huffed and panted, managing to look up to see Hawlucha grabbing him. He got pulled back to standing and unceremoniously tossed into the ring, coming to a step on his belly after a roll.

Raven groaned and tried to push himself up, only to get slammed down against the canvas by a phoenix splash from the Hawlucha, the changeling’s limbs flying up off the mat for a brief moment before they flopped down, their owner letting out gurgled hisses.

Hawlucha had plenty of time to recover as the two fought each other outside of the ring, so he had plenty of gas still left in his tanker.

He rolled off Raven and back to his feet, headlocking the changeling and pulling him back up, not for long though, as he turned them around almost immediately and dropped down in a neckbreaker, making the changeling hiss out louder, rolling to his side and cradling his head.

The luchador Pokemon kicked the changeling over on his back and landed a knee drop on his snout, making him yelp out in pain, hindlegs kicking at the canvas in protest. It was of no use though as the flying-fighting type simply stood up and stomped down on the love bug’s gut a couple of times, winding him sufficiently and making him splay out on the canvas, tongue flopping down the side of his mouth as he groaned weakly.

Raven was panting hard, wheezing and hissing out involuntarily with each breath. He would be content with just laying like that, but Hawlucha clearly had other plans, wrapping an arm around his neck and muscling up into a sitting position.

His long forked tongue was fully rolled out of his mouth, as he weakly tugged on the bird’s bicep, trying to fight back some. He felt something bury itself in his spine, causing him to hiss out in a low, agonized tone, his teeth clenching tightly. Hawlucha dug his knee into Raven’s spine and was now stretching him out over it, still keeping the sleeper hold locked in.

The changeling gagged and moaned, shaking his head defiantly, throwing a couple of elbows back. He got lucky and tagged Hawlucha across the beak enough times to get the luchador to let go, shoving him to the side with an angry grunt.

Raven coughed, landing on his side, one hoof reaching to rub at his sore throat, the other pushing against the canvas, to at least sit up on his own. Hawlucha was on top of him almost immediately though, sending a sharp kick into his back, damaging his spine further and making him squeak out in pain, hissing pitifully.

The bird Pokemon spun around, aiming a powerful roundhouse that would more than likely mean lights out for the changeling. Sensing it coming his way Raven dropped down flat to the canvas, Hawlucha’s foot whooshing over his head. He heard a distressed squawk coming from above him, the feathered luchador momentarily knocked off balance by the missed kick.

Feeling the adrenaline pumping through his veins, he jumped up to his hooves and came up behind Hawlucha, trapping him in a full nelson and dragon suplexing him to the mat.

The back of the Pokemon’s head bounced off the mat, the luchador squawking in pain, flopping over and landing on his chest from the force of that throw. The changeling on the other hand rolled back to standing almost immediately, quickly approaching the dazed dual type and dragged him up, picking him off his feet and holding upside down, arms tightly wrapped around his midsection, beak nestled between his legs, pressed up right against the love bug’s bulge.

Hawlucha only groaned weakly in response, still shaken up from the suplex and not able to fight back against his current position.

Raven flapped his wings, the appendages coming to life and buzzing as he flew up above the ring, gaining some height before stopping, letting the gravity take control of them both, plummeting towards the ground.

The changeling’s rump and the luchador’s head slammed against the canvas with a jarring thud, like a thunderclap echoing across the room. Hawlucha fell on his front after Raven let go of him, letting out an incomprehensible moan, laying flat on the mat, unmoving.

Raven pushed himself up, standing in the middle of the ring and looking around at his two splayed out opponents. He was panting, a small grin spreading across his face as he got a fun little idea in his head.

He rolled Hawlucha onto his back, only a getting a quiet moan of pain from the bird, before walking over to Thunderlane, who was still pretty out of it and dragging him by the legs over to where the Pokemon was laying.

He flopped down on top of the bird, pressing his back against the feathery torso, hooking the luchador’s leg as he put his hooves up on Thunderlane’s chest, pinning both of them at the same time.

“One! Two! Three!”

The audience exploded into loud cheers at the changeling’s ingenuity, awarding with him with an ovation. Raven just laid, draped over the pegasus and the bird, panting with a tired, but happy smile on his face.

Triple Threat
A gift for Mathias-Wolf

One of my fighting stories, just posting it here to see what sort of response it gets. Thank you for reading.

Raven belongs to Mathias-Wolf
Thunderlane belongs to Hasbro
Hawlucha belongs to Nintendo

Here is the link, check it out if you're interested.

What do I write? Everything you want me to.
How much do you pay me? As much as you want.
Contact me through Notes on here or on there. Either way is fine

Thanks a lot for reading!


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You need to be warned, I'm extremly hard to get along with, nobody really likes me and apparently I have Anger Managment Problems.

I don't really like people that's why I prefer to be alone.




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